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The Domino Effect

Posted on Nov 24, 2015 by in Random Subjects | 0 comments


My name is Melissa, and this is exciting. Really! It is!


I suppose every blog has an entry like this saying “Wow! I’m starting a blog!”


Wow! I’m starting a blog!


Then, in the next sentence, there’s probably some explanation as to WHY the author has started the blog…”I’m starting this site because I want to write stuff.”


True. I do. I like to write stuff about how things are connected… but it’s more than that. I always have a running commentary in my brain, trying to find a big picture or overall theme to what life brings my way. I had an opportunity to bring that voice to CaringBridge after my husband’s biking accident in 2014. Eventually his medical status improved, and I didn’t need to blog about him anymore. I realized that I wanted to continue writing, but outside the context of his illness. That’s why I’m starting this site. I want to see what my voice sounds like on my own.


Why PeanutMark, you may ask?


My Dad has always called me Peanut. I’m sure he’s had some other names for me, too, but Peanut has been his “go to” love nickname for me forever. Even when it was embarrassing to me… like a day in 6th grade when he visited my classroom and harmlessly offered a cheery “Hi Peanut!” I shrank into my tennies and tried to disappear, unsuccessfully. But now I love it when he calls me Peanut. I love how his eyes crinkle and his mouth smiles… and how his voice softens when he greets me with my nickname. The name itself brings me joy and a sense of belonging… and that’s what I want to bring to this space. A feeling of belonging. A sense of “Hey! I can relate to that!” Or, “Huh. I never thought of that before.” That’s what this Peanut wants to blog about on


So, follow along. Comment if you’d like to. I don’t really know where this will lead me, but I’m always up for a new adventure. Nu?


Message of the Day: You can’t get to where you are going without movement. You might not know where you are going, but that’s ok. It’s the Domino Effect in real life. What one small step can you take today that will start the chain of events rolling toward tomorrow?