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Posted on Feb 8, 2016 by in Family | 4 comments


How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? Did you meet by chance or was it destiny? People often ask how The Hubby and I met. It’s a winding story, and I always start our tale with the question, how didn’t we meet sooner?


Hubby’s family arrived in Minneapolis when he was six years old. His dad and my dad were professional colleagues, working at the same hospital. Like our fathers, both Hubby and I planned on being doctors, and started our medical careers in junior high by choosing to volunteer as candy stripers. We were assigned to the same floor, at the same hospital, but on different days of the week [Miss #1].


Fast forward a few years, to when Hubby and I attended the same high school. I was in the class one year ahead of him, so I didn’t really know him, but I knew OF him. We had a number of friends in common, and I even dated a friend of his, but Hubby and I never actually met [Miss #2].


Fast forward again to my sophomore year in college when I was offered a chance to go on a blind date with a “nice Jewish boy”. I declined because I didn’t “do” blind dates. I later learned that if I had agreed to go, he was the “nice” boy being set up [Miss #3].


Both of us continued on with our separate lives. I graduated from college, and explored a non-medical career. He went on to complete a graduate degree. Eventually, we turned our attention back to medicine, applied to medical school, and were accepted at the University of Minnesota. Before classes started, the medical school hosted a new student get-to-know-each-other social. As I was getting ready to go, Dad mentioned that Dr. So-and-so’s son was going to be in my class, and that I should “look him up”. I didn’t make any promises, but said I’d keep my eyes open.


It was an exhausting evening. I was trying hard to remember the name and story of each person I met, while simultaneously making small talk about myself. By the time I found the dinner line, I was overwhelmed with new people and my gigantic spiderweb of new connections. I eventually found an empty spot in the restaurant, and sat down.


Hubby was seated across from me, and was already talking to the person on his left. I don’t remember exactly what he was talking about, but I do remember that his story sounded familiar; he had graduated from Washington University, and his dad was a doctor in town. I looked up, and through a mouthful of food blurted out “hey, are you Steve so-and-so?” He turned toward me and said “yes…?” “Oh! I’m Melissa. My dad told me that I should meet you.” “Oh… yeah … my dad said the same thing about you…” [Connection].


Message of the Day: Certain people are meant to be a part of your life. Whether or not you choose to accept them into your world when they appear is a different story. I know I wasn’t ready to meet Hubby before medical school. Luckily for me, The Universe was patient and persistent.


  1. That’s incredible!! Meant to be, no question about it. I think about that sort of stuff a lot. If my husband and I hadn’t decided to go to the same ice cream shop that one summer evening, would we have still met? Hmmmmmm.

    • I bet you would have! Life just works that way, don’t you think? Ice cream, eh? Was one of you working there?

  2. End of story???? I wanted to keep going! Great story

    • Oh, no. There’s plenty of story to follow… I was dating someone else initially… I’m sure I’ll get to that part of the story someday! 😉